Not so waterproof

Today we took advantage of the warm weather and the spring run off in the Virgin River in Southern Utah. We decided to float down a small section of the river in our little inflatable kayak with some family. The water was cool but not too cold and the river was flowing at over 400 CFS, which is pretty good for such a small river. I packed my older digital SLR into my “waterproof” case that I have used for several years. I had planned on taking some photos of Unshoes sandals in action while we were on the river. We pulled off the river for a minute and I went to grab my camera case and I knew I was in trouble when I realized it was about 5 lbs too heavy. It was totally full of water! I’m still not sure how it failed so badly since the rubber seal still looks fine and I had it closed tightly. It never even got submerged.

camera case

This is my "unwaterproof" case. At least this was my older camera but it was probably still worth about $600

I’ll dry out my camera, lens, battery, and memory card for a few days and see what happens. I hope I can at least recover a few pictures even though I had only taken a few before it got flooded. So if I get some photos I’ll post them later.

Despite the loss we had a great time playing in the water!  :)

muddy unshsoe sandal

After I discovered my camera had flooded I ran back to the nearest vehicle to try and dry it out. I ended up having to go through an old farmer's field so I gathered all kinds of fun things on my feet. :)

p.s. These images were taken with my phone when I got back to the car.

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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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