Vibram vs. the Cactus


I spent Friday night camping out in the high desert in a place called Parowan Gap. Although the moon was not full that night it was quite bright so I didn’t really feel like I needed to have my headlamp on all the time. On my way to my tent I stepped down in my sandals and felt a dreadfully familiar feeling that I know from living in the desert. I had stepped on something that was very springy and made a little crunching sound. That’s right, I stepped on a cactus! I was a little worried that since I only had 6mm soles I might get a cactus spine to the foot. To my surprise I never felt any pain. I turned on my light and found that my sole had protected my foot of all the cactus spines. I was pleasantly surprised that the Vibram held up against the cactus.

Rock Art at Parowan Gap

Parowan Gap is believed to be an ancient calendar system. There is spectacular rock art all around.


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One Response to Vibram vs. the Cactus

  1. This isn’t something that I am likely to encounter anytime soon (not much cactus here in the east) but still good to know! I might not have cactus, but there are plenty of stones and sticks that could still injure a bare foot!

    Congrats on a quality product that admirably performs its task!

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