Crazy Family Adventure

My sister and her husband recently bought a house in St. George near the Virgin River. Since they live a few blocks from the river we have been running the river every time we visit them. Well, last weekend most of my family came and a some of my brother-in-law’s family decided they wanted to try the river as well. We ran a small section of it and people were floating on anything they could find that floats… even an air mattress!

My dad drove down river to pick us up. The original idea was to shuttle a few of us back to the top to get vehicles but somehow, someone decided that since we were going to run it again we should all just get in his truck and go back to the top. My dad’s truck fits five people if you squish in a little bit. There were 18 people that came down the river and both my parents that dropped us off! Twenty people in a Chevy S10 was quite a sight!

crazy family adventure

After I snapped this shot I jumped in and then we picked up two more adults that had started walking! 20 people total! In case you were wondering that is an air mattress below my kayak and the pool floaties.

I think the ride back was more of a wild ride than the river itself! Most of the ride back is on a dirt/sandy road but we had to drive through a small, high-class neighborhood. I wish we had pictures of the looks that we got!

We looked a lot like hillbillies but in the end we had a great family adventure that we probably won’t ever forget!


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2 Responses to Crazy Family Adventure

  1. That looks like a blast! Both the river run and the return trip.
    Brings back memories of when I was younger: wet from a day at the lake and riding home in the back of Dad’s GMC S-15. We didn’t hit any swanky neighborhoods, though! :D

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