Children’s sizes

Unshoes Wokova for children

Recently some friends asked me if I could make a pair of sandals for their three year old daughter. I took a few pictures of them when I was finished but I was out of town when they came by to pick them up so I never got any pics of them on her feet. They sent me an email yesterday with pictures of her wearing them. They said that she loves them. She was excited that her parents traced her feet for her own custom pair of shoes! I wanted to post a few of the pictures that they sent me.

Unshoes Wokova Sandals for children

Customer photos: Unshoes for children

Unshoes Wokova Sandals for children

They asked me to make them a little bit big so she has room to grow. :)

Minimal footwear seems to be really good for children since they usually just go barefoot anyway. They have not yet learned to become overly dependent on covering their feet with padding.

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3 Responses to Children’s sizes

  1. unshoes says:

    Her mother says they are her favorite shoes and she always wants to wear them in the snow!

  2. Very cool! I think that my kids would probably love those. There aren’t very many minimalist shoe options available for kids, so this is good.

    • unshoes says:

      I wonder why that is? Maybe for manufacturing reasons it’s just not worth the investment. Since these are hand made, it doesn’t make much difference. In fact it’s a good thing because I can cut out the smaller soles at the end of the rubber sheets that would normally just go to waste. That way I can charge less for the children’s sizes.

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