Green River Rafting

This summer we had a family vacation planned (with my family) for Lake Powell. Everything was planned and ready to go but a few days before we were going we found out that the boat we planned on using had water in the engine. My little brother started working to fix it and we found that the engine was cracked (AKA totally dead!)

We had to plan an alternate trip to replace Lake Powell. If you have never heard of Lake Powell you should google it. It’s a rather difficult task to plan a trip that could possible replace it. Fortunately we were up to the task!

We talked about it and eventually decided to go river rafting on the Green River. We set up a base camp near the bottom of the daily section of the river. Rather than running a multi-day section though the major rapids and backcountry we just ran the daily section multiple times. This relieved us from having to have a large (and expensive) raft plus obtaining a backcountry permit. It also put my mother at ease since she was a little bit nervous about river rafting in the first place. (She was still nervous for the smaller rapids but ended up loving it!)

Green River, UT

This was our view from camp. (this picture was taken with my camera that was submerged in the Virgin River at the beginning of summer!)

Although it may seem boring to run the same section of river 3 days in a row it was actually quite fun. Each day we took a slightly different angle on the river and we figured out where the best rapids were. Most of the section is flat water but with water fighting, swimming and checking out the wildlife there was never a slow moment. The rapids that break up the flat water are exciting enough but also pretty safe. This would be a great section to run with kids!

We only had one person tip over in the rapids and that was because he had a big dog in the kayak with him and he panicked. Other than that the only swimmers were from us tipping each other in the flat water! We stopped at several beaches and sand bars along the way to play and explore. We had a blast in the end and everyone came home healthy and safe. We were exhausted at the end of each day but we slept well.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a camera out on the river with me because I’m nervous about cameras and water now. My brother-in-law has a waterproof phone with a camera so the few shots we got on the river were from his phone and none of them are on rapids. Here are a few pics from the river:

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  1. That looks like a great trip! I’m jealous!

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