A Case for the Ladies

“Form follows function”. This has been my mantra in all my designs. Without a function any given design is worthless. For many men function is not only the most important factor but often, it is the only factor. That idea is great but since I have been married, I have learned a few things about how women think. When it comes to fashion women not only want something that functions well but they want… no, they need to feel cute. It can be just as important to them as function is to us men.

Unfortunately modern society and media has warped the image of what makes a woman attractive. The standards that have been set by the media are often unrealistic and almost always unhealthy physically and emotionally. They create unrealistic expectations for both men and women which in the end results in disappointment and lowered self-worth. Women are seen as having little worth more than an object to gratify. Of course women are worth much more than that. Our world would come crashing down if it were not for the women in our lives.

One unfortunate example is the footwear industry. It seems like most women sacrifice the health of their feet and legs for the sake of wearing footwear that society has labeled as “attractive”. They wear high heels that cannot be healthy for the joints in any way! They usually have pointed toe boxes that create deformities in the natural growth in the toes. Why should women have to choose between comfortable, healthy shoes and cute shoes? There are some choices out there that, I think, are both cute and healthy. I have been thinking that I want to somehow support shoe companies and styles that make simple, healthy, comfortable and cute shoes for women.

The Blowfish Hamish boot is a simple, comfortable shoe that doesn't sacrifice the "cute factor".

I guess that the purpose of this post is to encourage people to support any shoes and other products/companies out there that support the overall well-being of the wonderful women in our lives. I call on the men out there to put in the effort to help the important women in your lives (wives, mothers, sisters, significant others, etc.) feel truly beautiful for who and what they are without having to take up unhealthy habits. Give them a genuine compliment, tell them that they are beautiful.

About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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