Webbing correction/info

I realized last week while ordering more webbing online that I have had the wrong description on the width of the webbing. The standard webbing width is 9/16″. This is the width of the black webbing which has been, by far, the most popular color. I also have red and blue webbing that is the same width. All of these colors have lighter blue dashes that run through the middle as shown in the photos. I also have a 1/2″ webbing available. The half inch webbing is not as popular but works well for small feet and children’s sizes.

I also wanted to write a little bit about the webbing that I have chosen for Unshoes. I use ONLY tubular, climbing spec webbing. Why?

1. Comfort: Tubular webbing is much softer and the edges are less likely to dig into the skin. It slides more smoothly over the skin and chafes less than flat (regular or military grade) webbing.

2. Strength: Tubular webbing tends to roll rather than cut over an edge. The pliability of the materials makes it last longer against abrasive surfaces. Most webbing is made from polypropylene but climbing spec webbing is make from a nylon/spectra blend which adds a considerable amount of strength. They often look the same but there is a large difference.

3. Wet Conditions: Climbing spec webbing is obviously made for rock climbing but it is also made for canyoneering. While doing a canyon you sometimes have to rappel down a waterfall or otherwise wet surface. This webbing is built to stand up to wet conditions. I have noticed that it stretches a little bit when it gets wet but the strength is not compromised.

Climbing spec tubular webbing for continuous sandal strap
For sandal straps, I firmly believe that it’s worth it to pay just a little bit more for climbing spec, tubular webbing. The comfort level is absolutely necessary where it runs between the toes. It also lasts much longer which was one of the frustrations I had with other sandals that led me to creating the Unshoes design.


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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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