Answer to Wear and Tear Questions

I have had quite a few questions recently about how I handle the bottom of the sandal. More specifically questions about where the strap goes between the toes and how I keep it from wearing out on the bottom of the sandal. Please understand that I don’t want to reveal too much because it’s sort of a trade secret. Needless to say that I have thought about wear and tear and I’ve taken precautions against it. Some of the earlier versions of the sandal had a different method applied and didn’t work as well but I have since taken that failure and developed something that works.

First of all you can see in the photo that it is covered in a hardening adhesive. This wears off after some time but there are other measures to keep the strap hard like plastic. Also the webbing is almost flush with the tread so it doesn’t wear out any faster than the rubber itself.

Another problem that I have addressed is the floppy feeling at the front (toe end) of the sandals. Unless your toes are somehow fixed to the sandals you will get a little bit of lift between your toes and the sole but Unshoes sandals don’t flop down when you walk or fold under the feet. This problem is, of course, more difficult to fix in the 4mm sole but it is still possible.


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2 Responses to Answer to Wear and Tear Questions

  1. Flower Star says:

    From the picture, the straps do not appear to rub right under the ankles. But pictures can always be made to deceive. I have had a lot of problems, even with, Chakos because of strap rubbing. I have very bony ankles. Have anyone complained about this being a problem with your Unshoes. I ask because your straps look somewhat similar to Chakos.


    • unshoes says:

      I have not had any complaints about that. Some people have had to adjust to a strap between the toes but nobody has said anything about chafing around the ankles. My sister used to complain about Chacos rubbing and giving her blisters around her ankle but she doesn’t have that problem with Unshoes. Chacos use a flat webbing at the ankle. Unshoes use only tubular webbing which is much softer against the skin.

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