2nd Annual President’s Day Plunge

The Unshoes lineup!In Southern Utah there is a little place just off I15 called Red Cliffs Recreation Area. There is a picnic area in the valley with a stream running through it. It is surrounded by towering red sandstone cliffs and canyons (hence the name “Red Cliffs”). Don’t be fooled by the red rocks and sunny weather though… it can still get pretty cold there in the winter time. Just beyond the red rocks hidden from view are huge towering snow covered mountains. The steam that runs through the canyon comes straight from those mountains and is very cold!

A snapshot my wife took while we waited on the trail for everyone to catch up to the rest of the group

It’s great to visit when it’s warm enough to swim but it has become so popular that you have to fight the crowds. That is why my sister decided to go there on President’s Day. It is warm enough to hike and play but cool enough that the place isn’t bursting at the seams with people. Last year she and some others went and ended up jumping in the water at the sandstone pools in the canyon despite the cold temperatures. It has now become an annual event/challenge! This year the sun was up but the temperatures were not quite as warm as we had hoped. The air temperature was around 46º F and I don’t even want to know what the water temperature was! Although it was cold, it was still fun. I’ll go next year and plunge again!

With everyone jumping in I had to capture it on video It can be seen by following the link below: Enjoy!  :) http://vimeo.com/20305079

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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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3 Responses to 2nd Annual President’s Day Plunge

  1. toemailer says:

    Interesting looking “shoes” :)

  2. Pig Monkey says:

    What’s the word on the new strap design that runs along the top of the toes? Still in the works? I was intrigued when you first mentioned it last fall, but then I forgot about it. Now I see it in the above photo!

    • unshoes says:

      Yes! They are still in the works. The sandals you see in the photo are the prototypes that I’m working on. I have to get out and hike and run in them to work out all of the bugs! :) I will be launching a new website around April and I hope to have the new design ready for release at that point.

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