Barefoot Running Clinic

Terral Fox from Unshoes and Michael Sandlar from RunBare

Michael Sandler from RunBare

Sorry about the blog silence for the last few weeks. We have been very busy making sandals and trying to finish out the semester. Wednesday morning my friend called while I was out shipping sandals. She said that she gets emails about upcoming races and there was something about barefoot running by someone named Adam Sandler or something! Adam Sandler? She must be messing with my head, I thought but she said she would forward the email to me. It turns out that it was Michael Sandler from RunBare. He was scheduled  to give a barefoot running clinic at the St. George Running Center on Thursday evening.

We decided that we wouldn’t have a chance like that very often so we dropped everything and took a trip down to St. George. It’s just less than an hour so it’s not too much of a drive. It was a great clinic and I was able to learn even more about barefoot running. The best part was connecting with other barefoot runners in the area. Michael is a very enthusiastic guy and if you get a chance to attend one of his clinics I recommend it!

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