Feather Design now available!

We have had a large amount of emails asking us when our Wokova Feather and Pah Tempe sandals will officially be released. Well I am happy to announce that the Feather is now available on our website: http://www.unshoesminimalfootwear.com/shop.html


Because of the super high durability of materials our sandals have weighed a little bit more than some other huaraches. Since the majority of our customers are runners we wanted to offer a lighter model specifically for running. This model is also great for backpackers who want to bring along a pair of sandals but need to shave off every ounce they can. The Wokova Feather is offered in a 5 mm Newflex sole which is the lightest sole available without sacrificing durability. The Feather features a lighter, half inch strap in blue or black. This strap reduces chafing but is light and less prominent between the toes. It has a high tensile shock cord loop to keep the straps tight while still allowing them to slip on and off. The pair featured in the photo are a men’s size 12 wide and weigh just 3oz per sandal!

Wokova Feather barefoot running sandal

Unfortunately we have some bad news to announce as well. I know that a lot of you have inquired about the Pah Tempe (or the unthong) model and have been patiently waiting for its release. There are a few unforeseen issues that we still need to work out in the final design. We would rather push back the release date than release a sub-par product. The Pah Tempe will be offered in a one inch wide webbing in rust, olive, or black. It will feature a 10mm Newflex sole. Eventually we would like to release a smaller sole thickness but will need some time to create a solution to the “flop factor” under the toes. Thank you for your continued patience, we will continue to work on getting them released as soon as possible!


About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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2 Responses to Feather Design now available!

  1. Pig Monkey says:

    The shock cord is an interesting idea. Any plans to move it to other models, or is it only beneficial to the Wokovas?

    I’m still looking forward to the Pah Tempes!

    • unshoes says:

      I don’t have any plans on using it for other models. It works best with the smaller webbing. We might, however, be able to take custom requests if someone were to want another model with the shock cord feature…

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