Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon video

This is an interesting little documentary video about the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.


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3 Responses to Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon video

  1. Larz says:

    When I was in high school and college, I spent a great deal of time in the Copper Canyon with the Taras. This is where I was introduced to tire huraches. I loved the simplicity and innovation. But I’ve always disliked the lace between the toes.

  2. wendi says:

    That was a wonderful documentary. Thank you for posting it. It’s very touching that the international finishers donate their corn and money to the community.

    • unshoes says:

      I think that it’s great to see such a good event growing despite all the violence that is getting worse in that area. I hope it will continue to grow and be a positive event for the locals to look forward to.

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