The story behind Unshoes…

We have finally added a new page on our website that tells the story behind the sandals. People seem to be very interested in how Unshoes got started so we have been wanting to publish this page for quite some time. We have been so busy trying to catch up on order that it hasn’t been the top priority but little by little we chipped away at the project. You can read about us here:

On a side note, we are also now on Twitter. You can follow us here.


About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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2 Responses to The story behind Unshoes…

  1. jared says:

    Great story – similar beginnings to many successful outdoor companies.

    Question (and I’m sure it’s one you’ve thought of a time or two) – why not just do standard sizes? Seems like folks are pretty comfortable with the concept of having a shoe size and I’d imagine you could produce them quicker. You may lose a few customers who really want to trace their feet, but probably gain others deterred by the wait time. Maybe a two tiered price scheme?

    Best of luck with the business – if you’d ever like to bounce ideas I’d be thrilled to think about things with you.


    • unshoes says:

      Thank you!
      The answer to your question is one that has been on my mind a lot lately. It could be an entire blog post in and of itself! If you’ve ever worn huaraches then you know that every now and then the front end catches on something (usually the carpet) and folds under. Some people have complained about some running sandals that “flop around” under the toes. The fact that we have a strap that is hardened rather than a knot helps get rid of the “flop factor” but having an exact fit around the toes is key to getting rid of that problem. The more flexible the sole the more important it is to reduce that tripping hazard.

      We could have people trim them themselves with scissors if they need to but in my opinion if the sole material can be cut that easy then it isn’t durable enough. Another reason is that we loose quality control. Some people are likely to butcher the sandals while trying to trim them!

      Our goal is to eventually obtain machinery to automate the cutting process. That will not only cut out time but will look much better and be more precise.

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