Unofficial Boy Scout Minimal Footwear

As an Eagle Scout I enjoy volunteering to work with the Boy Scouts of America. I believe that it’s a great program for the youth and that the experiences I had as a scout have helped me throughout my life. I was able to gain experience in the outdoors with people who were able to guide me along. It was the beginning of my love for backpacking. Most importantly what I got from the program was a sense of confidence in the outdoors. That has changed my life.

Needless to say a scout trip is always an adventure. Last night we had a camping trip planned in the mountains. Since we had an unexpected snow storm there is now a couple of feet of snow where we had planned on camping. We’ll take some winter camping trips, but we aren’t quite ready for that yet so we changed locations. We ended up at a lake in the lower elevation. It was chilly but not snowy. The lake is used to irrigate local farms and at this time of year is pretty low. Part of the lake bed was exposed. It didn’t have water but was still rather muddy. Eventually several scouts ended up knee deep in the mud. Their shoes and socks were soaked. The temperature was dropping quickly and they needed something to protect their feet from the cold, rocks, and nasty burrs that were around camp. They had fresh socks but none of them had extra shoes. These scouts were caught unprepared but they proved to be thrifty and created their own footwear out of a roll of duct tape!

The Unofficial Boy Scout Minimal Footwear

Only boys age 11–13 can be so foolish and so smart all at the same time! I have to admit I’m impressed with them. In fact I’m temped to make a pair for myself and glue on some rubber scraps (we have boxes full of it) for tread!

About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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