Function vs. Fashion

Unshoes offers function, fashion, and fit. The best looking barefoot huarache sandalIf you wear minimal footwear in any social situation including races or every day use, you are probably known as the person who wears those ugly shoes. “Barefoot shoes” or minimal footwear has come to be synonymous with ugly shoes. We don’t think that has to be true all the time. The basic Wokova design was intended to be functional by simplifying the strap system, comfortable by using soft climbing spec webbing, and fashionable with the simple design and better aesthetics.

Since my wife wears her Wokova Feather sandals almost everywhere we have discovered that she gets a large amount of compliments on her sandals as being “cute”. These compliments mostly come from people who know nothing (or very little) about minimal footwear. Cute is not the word that normally comes to mind when minimalist shoes come up. We have focused so much on the functionality of these sandals that we have neglected to highlight the aesthetic qualities which look good on both men and women. We decided that we would take advantage of the nice weather and go out for a fall fashion photo shoot to showcase our “cute” sandals. Check out the pictures in the gallery below!

About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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