Loosen Up

Barefoot runners know that one of the best skills to learn is to let go of unnecessary tension in your body and relax. If you muscles are too tight then you will probably not have an enjoyable run and possibly even get injured. It is one of those things that should be so natural but it is so difficult. Just as extra tension in muscles can cause problems, there are also negative effects from having your Unshoes sandals too tight.

You may be scratching your head thinking that you want your sandals to fit snugly when you go running. You are right, you want them snug but not too tight. Since we started selling our sandals we have had many people email us to report that they experienced pain between the toes. In almost all of these cases the customers replied later to say that once they loosened the sandals just a little bit the pain went away. People are used to having to cinch down huaraches to get them secure. If a proper fit is achieved, the unique strap system of Unshoes keeps the sole more secure to the foot. This is especially the case with our Feather model and other lighter soles.

This became more obvious to me a couple of days ago when I went running. I couldn’t get out until a bit later and the air was cold so I put on my Injinji socks and Feather sandals. For some reason when I’m wearing toe socks with huaraches I feel like I need my sandals tighter than usual. I stopped and tightened down the sandals but soon found that I was experiencing pain between the toes. That isn’t normal for me so put the tension back to where it was before. The pain went away instantly. Of course the sandals were secure enough but I figured that the socks reduced feedback so my brain interpreted that lack of feeling as insecure.

Sandal tension can be a tricky beast when it comes to running in huaraches. Just keep experimenting and remember that sometimes your feet just need time to get used to a different feeling. Luckily our sandals allow for easy adjustment!

About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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