Just like Daddy

In a previous post I showed some experimental shoes that I made for our son for the colder weather. Although they didn’t work exactly as I had hoped he grew into them pretty well and got some good use. They are looking pretty worn now. He also got some hand-me-down SoftStar shoes that we really like but again his poor little feet get so hot in this warm summer weather. I finally decided that he needs some Unshoes!

We’ve made some pretty small sandals but his are the smallest yet. Of course I have license to use my kid as the Guinea Pig to test our products! First I made him some Pah Tempe style sandals and that sort of worked but they are very difficult to get on him and they don’t stay on all that well. He likes to curl in his big toe sometimes and when that happens, his foot just pops right out. We also planned on making him a pair of Wokova style sandals with the 5mm Newflex soles. They are basically the same as our Feather model but tiny.

Baby Unshoes

He has some big Unshoes to fill!

After his tracings sat in the shop for a few months (even my son has to wait the full turnaround time!) I had a new guy working for us cut his soles as part of training. We finally finished the sandals and he was very excited. He put them on and immediately pointed at my feet and said “soooz” then pointed back at his feet. His sandal looks a little bit twisted on his foot in this picture but they don’t do that all the time. My conclusion is that the Wokova style sandals work better for kids but we need to find another method other than just the elastic to make them easier to put on. It’s hard to adjust the strap length on a wiggly kid that just wants to go outside. I was worried about the tread on the Newflex tripping him up but there haven’t been any such problems.

Right after I snapped the photo he took off walking down the street so I just followed him. He ended up walking to a school down the street so I just let him play and run. He seems to really like running so I encourage it. I took a few short videos of the sandals in action.

About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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2 Responses to Just like Daddy

  1. Gina Smith says:

    I have very small feet, in fact, so small that I have to purchase my shoes I the children’s department when shopping for shoe. My questions for you…… Should I order the chdren’s shoes?

    PS I think your mom is awesome!!!!!!

    • unshoes says:

      Hi Gina,
      They are all custom made so it really doesn’t matter that much. Which model are you looking at? The options for kids shoes are slightly different so I would say it depends on what you are looking for. Send me an email and I can help you figure out what would be best for you.

      p.s. I think my mom is awesome too! ;)

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