How to trim your straps

One of the important factors in our sandals is the ability to adjust the tension on our sandals easily. We have used different types of tension buckles to accomplish that. One of the drawbacks to these buckles is that since we basically have to estimate the length of straps needed for each person based on the foot size, there is usually left over strapping. Ideally there will be enough to adjust your sandals for different situations but not so much that it flaps around and gets under your foot. Because we have to estimate the strap length based on foot size they are sometimes too long. Some people have asked what to do if that is the case. Here are instructions on how to trim them:

1. Decide how much to cut
First you have to decide how much to cut off. Be careful because once you cut it, it is final.  Make sure you have enough to loosen and take on and off. Think of times when you’ll want to wear your sandals looser or possibly use a different lacing method.

2. Make the cut
Most people don’t have access to a hot knife so the best way to cut them is with a good pair of fabric scissors, or a sharp utility knife. If you are using a razor blade then set the webbing down on a cutting surface and slice it while pressing down on the knife. DON’T CUT YOUR FINGER OFF! Seriously, though… please be careful. You want a good clean cut on the webbing. If the cut isn’t clean then it will begin fraying right away.

3. seal the cut
If you leave the webbing as is it will begin fraying and won’t last long. This will ruin your sandals very quickly! You will want to have a lighter on hand so that you can seal the edges right after you cut the strap. Lightly burn the edge of the webbing on both sides so that the nylon begins to melt. You don’t want to over do it or catch it on fire but you do need to get a smooth seal. Don’t touch the end of the webbing. It will burn you.

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