Buy a t-shirt—save the world

Okay, maybe you won’t save the world, but when you buy a shirt, you will be helping out besides having a really cool shirt, there are some other benefits.

Unshoes t-shirt

Heavy duty, preshrunk, 100% un-dyed cotton

I honestly feel that a business is like a child. If you force it to grow up before it’s ready then it could do more harm than good. Because of this we have been growing slowly and at a very steady pace. But everyone has to grow up sometime. We all reach a point where we have to do something drastic like move out of our parent’s home, go to college, etc. Sometimes growth comes in spurts. Our little company has come to a point where we need to expand in order to keep up with demand. It’s time for a growth spurt.

Some of our competitors have moved away from custom sizes and toward mass produced sandals offered in standard sizing. While this is a great move for business, I feel that minimal huarache sandals with a flexible sole should be cut relatively close to the foot without excess sole. This keeps the front of the sole from flopping around. I’ve also seen so many different types of feet that I can’t imagine how one standard size can fit everyone! 

One of the things that makes us unique is our Pah Tempe design. I have found that this design is more forgivable when it comes to size. I began toying with the idea of offering a version of the Pah Tempe sandal that is pre-fabricated. It would substantially lower turnaround time and if they didn’t fit, customers could return them. It seemed like a great idea but I still had that lingering thought in my head about all those different types of feet. I began to wonder how I could design a sandal that would be even more functional while allowing a flexible fit for a wider range of foot types. I have had a design idea in my head for about a year now that I have begun to develop. This design will marry the idea of mass production with flexible fitting and an easy and simple adjustment system that Unshoes is known for.

We will continue to make custom sandals but we are also moving forward with this design. In order to do so we need some extra cash to get it off the ground. When it comes to money, I’m a little old fashioned… I would prefer to save money and earn as much as I possibly can on my own before I borrow. This is where the t-shirts come in. We are selling t-shirts in order to raise funds for the development and production of the new design. None of the funds we receive from t-shirts will go toward marketing, advertising, or even payroll. 100% of funds received will go toward the new design.

To help get you excited about the new design, here are some of the cool features it has:

1. Secure fit with no slipping
Who doesn’t like splashing through a mud puddle in the middle of the trail? The problem we’ve had with our current designs is that mud + rubber footbed = slippery. The Pah Tempe is better with this as long as it is cinched down tight. The goal for the new design is to eliminate slipping and create the most secure minimal sandal on the market. This is also going to be ideal for those who frequent steeper terrain. It will also allow a wider range of activities performed in the sandal. 

2. Standard size, custom fit
It’s probably impossible to really create a “one size fits all” shoe but the new design should fit a much wider range of foot types than most sandals. While the new design might seem hi-tech and cutting edge, it was actually inspired by a good old fashioned, ancient type of footwear.

3. Affordable
The ability to offer affordable prices for our products is very important to me! The more funds we can raise in advance, the more affordable we can make prices. I won’t sacrifice quality for affordability but I will continue to think of ways that we can lower costs to bring a good product to the table with lower prices.

3. Fast turnaround
You order, we ship, the end. We will also be able to sell them through retail stores which will give more people access to Unshoes. This will also give people the opportunity to try on sandals before they buy.

3. Sustainable & Responsible production
We will do everything we can to use recycled materials, and to reduce our environmental footprint while producing these sandals. I would like to have the sandals 100% made in the U.S. This will help grow the local economy and allow us more control over the process. The prices are higher but the shipping costs (and environmental impact) would be much lower. If we cannot do that, we will make sure we use a manufacturer that pays fair wages and has a lower environmental impact.

3. Aesthetics
Of course we always want sandals that look good. When we first entered the market, huarahes and minimalist shoes in general had a reputation for being less attractive. We set the standard higher and others have followed. Future designs will be no different.

In the end you the customer will get:
—affordable prices
—faster turnaround time
—better quality product
attractive sandals
—the ability to return sandals
—a really awesome shirt

I was jokingly striking a pose when this shot was taken :) I usually feel more comfortable on the other side of the camera!

We understand that selling a few t-shirts is not going to raise all the funds necessary, but it will give us a good start. The t-shirts will be $15 and can be purchased on our website. Please help us get a jump start by buying a t-shirt and spreading the word!

Unfortunately we can’t give away too many details about the new design. It will take time to fully develop it. In order to best protect the ourselves we’ve decided not to disclose details at this time.

About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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10 Responses to Buy a t-shirt—save the world

  1. madfeet says:

    Will you be making Feathers with the countersunk plug and when will they be available?

    • unshoes says:

      We offer that now! The Feathers have always been countersunk, we were actually the first company to do that. We have, however, recently changed the way we sink it into the sole so that it is much more durable that it was before.

  2. Todd says:

    I really like the Pah Tempe and am also excited to see you working to improve on it. Put me down for a shirt…

  3. So this new model would essentially be an evolution of Pah Tempe model with similar fastening (i.e. nothing between the toes), right?
    Can you give us any sort of rough idea when you aim to be able to ship the finished product?

    • unshoes says:

      Evolution is a good description. It will have a similar strap design but with some important changes. It will different enough that we’ll market it under a different name and probably keep the current Pah Tempe. We don’t have a launch date yet since we are still pretty early in the development but it would be great to have them ready by fall of 2013. I know that once we have the final prototype ready, manufacturing of the first run will take about three months.

  4. Thomas says:

    Have you considered a Kickstarter and offering t-shirts, first run of the new sandals, other perks, etc?

    • unshoes says:

      I have thought about it but since we already have an audience base I think that we can host our own without the middle man. We’ll probably do more offerings as we progress.

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