Little known facts about Unshoes

For our blog post today we thought we would try something a little bit different and let you get to know us a little bit better. Here is a short list of little known facts about Unshoes and it’s team.

1. I almost named the company FreeFlex but I got bored designing a logo for it. I decided to go for something more fun.

2. While designing our original sandal I never meant for it to be sold. I just wanted sandals for myself. Once I made the first working prototype my wife, Mary suggested that we sell them on

3. At the time all other huarache sandals offered either leather, hemp, or nylon laces. We were the first to use nylon webbing for straps and to eliminate the knot under the toes. Now that is a standard in the industry.

4. Our very first order was from Belgium.

5. The first pair of sandals I made was in the year 2000. The sole was made of flat webbing which was woven together. I didn’t know about the benefits of minimal footwear but I didn’t really like thick soled shoes. I made them for a river rafting trip but they only lasted half a day since they were washed down river when my kayak flipped. I didn’t make another pair until almost ten years later.

6. We are located in a small college town of Southern Utah. All of our sandals are hand made here.

7. I started out making sandals in our small apartment. When my son was born I moved to an unfinished basement. Now we have a production shop and three part-time helpers. At one point in the summer I was the only male on the team.

About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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