Why Ancestral Health?

All our lives we are taught that if we have a health problem then we need some cutting edge technology to fix it, and your own body is too weak to do it. If you have foot problems, you get custom orthotics moulded specially to your feet that you have to wear for the rest of your life. For many health problems, we are simply told to take drugs and deal with the side effects. While these things have their place, it seems that most of our solutions involve masking symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem. As the cumulative health of our world spirals out of control, more and more people are starting to question the status quo and look for other sources for help. Ancestral health is one of those sources.

Don't worry, it's diet soda!

Don’t worry man, it’s diet soda!

As I see it, minimal footwear is part of a larger movement called ancestral health. There are many reasons people have began to question conventional wisdom of shoes but one of them is simply because shoes and chronic foot problems are relatively new compared to the overall history of mankind.

Our ancestors may have had their own set of problems but I don’t see any harm in looking to them for lessons to improve our own contemporary lives. There are probably countless lessons we can learn from our predecessors but I would like to mention a few that come to mind.

Healthy Perspective
Looking at yourself from an ancestral health perspective can really change the way you look at things. Sometimes all you need to do to solve a problem is to look at it from a different perspective.

We are inundated with technology. Technology has done so much to improve our lives that it is impossible to list all the good it has done. On the flipside, it can distract us from the things in our lives that are really more important. Before high tech gadgets, people had no choice but to spend their time on the things that are important.

Problem solving
The thing that appeals to me most about ancestral health is that it encourages critical thinking and problem solving. It’s all about fixing the cause of the problem rather than treating symptoms.

I’ve heard countless stories about people simply changing their diet and removing as much processed food as possible to try to solve some digestive issue. Not only does their digestive issues go away but their overall health and energy levels improve. They find that they are in charge of their own health and not so dependent on hospitals, drugs, and other healthcare programs. Ancestral health encourages independence and that is something the world could use more of.

Connect to your roots
Our modern society has distanced itself from our ancestors. Learning more about how they lived and took care of themselves is not only helpful, but it is interesting. It not only helps us learn more about who they were but also who we are. There is something fulfilling about researching one’s ancestors that can’t be described. Give it a try and find out for yourself!

If the concept of ancestral health is new and you’re curiosity is peaked, here is a small list of subjects that may fall under ancestral health:

Barefoot/minimal footwear lifestyle
Paleo (and other primal) diets
Natural childbirth
Fermented foods
Natural Fitness/Alignment
Hunter-Gatherer studies

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1 Response to Why Ancestral Health?

  1. OreMan says:

    Nice overview. I have also implemented some of these things into my life – I run barefoot, I try to eat paleo, I sleep on floor, I try to work out naturally, etc. It can really be amazing, how much our bodies are capable of doing, if we just let them :)

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