Picking Up the Pieces

We had an incredibly busy summer this year! While that should be a good thing, we were simply unprepared for the growth. As we received more orders and got further behind in production it seemed like there was some technical glitch every few days. New workers were hired but in our rush to catch up, things began to slip. We dropped the ball on some things and mistakes were made.

Since then we have made some great strides to fix the issues that we had. We have learned from the mistakes made and we can pick up the pieces and move on. One of the biggest problems was our sizing system. Dealing with tracings has long been a frustration! We could take two sets of tracings and treat them the exact same in producing shoes. One pair would end up too large and the other pair would end up too small even though we made them with the exact same methods. There is too much room for “interpretation” with tracings. It is impossible to know exactly what each customer expects in the fit. We kept it custom because we believe that a good fit is more important with minimal sandals than conventional shoes, however, the tracing method did not seem to be working that way. Most other minimal sandal companies have switched to standard sizing.

Finally, we decided to meet in the middle. I have looked at so many foot tracings in the last three years that I have become acquainted with the most common foot types. We have developed a sole template system with eight different sole shapes to choose from in each shoe size. Customers will be able to choose their shoe size, download a PDF file and look through the templates to choose which sole shape fits best. The templates can be printed to double check the fit. With this system, a semi-custom fit can be established and we will have standard sizes to work with. It takes the guess work out of it for us. It also means that our return policy can be more flexible. In the end, it benefits customers and it benefits us.Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 10.25.50 AM

We are very excited to launch this new system! Excited enough to celebrate… And what better way to celebrate than to offer a sale? Enter code SIZE2013 for 15% off until September 18th. The template system is new so we expect to have some bugs to work out for a little while. If you attempt to order and have any errors please let us know.

Another exciting announcement is the addition of a new model called the PT Sleek. It is actually just a variation of the Pah Tempe model (now calling it “PT” for simplicity). We have made a large number of PT sandals with a narrower strap that goes over the toes. This is one of our most common custom requests. Many women especially have asked for this because they feel that the 1 inch strap is so wide that it looks masculine. This model is perfect for women who want a more feminine looking sandal without something between the toes, anyone with smaller feet, and those who want the PT style system and a more minimal sandal. Check it out here

New Pah Tempe Sleek sandals from Unshoes Minimal Footwear New Pah Tempe Sleek sandals from Unshoes Minimal Footwear

Of course we are making a myriad of changes on the back end of our business as well. Despite a rough summer, we are excited to continue learning and growing to make a better product and service for our customers. Thank you for your support and patience!

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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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7 Responses to Picking Up the Pieces

  1. laura says:

    I’m not able to properly download the templates. What type of files are they? My (pc) device unzips them, wants to open them as a pdf, but then tell me they aren’t a pdf. This mostly tech illiterate person need help.

  2. I had your sandals for 2 summers in a row, and ready to take advantage of your special offer, making sure I have a brand new couple for next summer. But, I need an A4 based measurement PDF. Can you post one when the special offer is still in effect?
    Thanks and good luck!

    • unshoes says:

      We ought to have the A4 files ready before the sale is over. If you want to order soon I can set up the file for your size and email it to you. If for some reason you miss the sale because we’re slow then we’ll get you a discount when you do order.

  3. Allegra says:

    Hi there! We were one of the “fell through the cracks” families. I’m excited for you that you’re figuring out how to move forward. With your sizing…what about children’s shoes? We came to you specifically since we wanted shoes for our 2.5year old. Thanks for responding! Warmly….

    • unshoes says:

      Hi Allegra. I truly apologize for the issues! We have not yet set up a sizing system for children so for now it will still be based on tracings. The turnaround time will still be much faster since the bulk of our orders will be through the new system. We don’t get a lot of kids orders in the fall/winter since most kids will grow out of them by the time they can really get a chance to use them (except for those living in warm climates). When we do set up a sizing system for kids there will be fewer templates since kids tend to have less variety in foot shape.

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