Still Kickin’

While photographing the images for our last post I  hauled my lighting equipment out the door and stepped over a pair of sandals that I leave right outside my back door. I looked at them and decided to bring them along to take a few pictures. They are a pair of Wokova sandals. They were the first pair of Wokova sandals I ever made. In fact, they were the very first pair of Unshoes that I ever made. They are still kickin’ around and I use them nearly every day. I thought it might be nice to show you.

The first working prototype of the Wokova sandal still in use.

The first working prototype of the Wokova sandal still in use.

I replaced the buckle a few years ago and I accidentally cut the main strap while working on them so the main/toe strap isn’t original. The sole and the ankle straps are the original materials from my very first working prototype. The soles are made of the Vibram Cherry rubber which we don’t offer anymore.

There are many reasons why we don’t offer the Cherry material, but I do like that they are so puncture proof. I live in an area full of thorns. The house I moved into last year has them all over the yard. As I mentioned these sandals stay outside my door and I slip them on when I go out in the morning to take care of the animals and do the farm/yard chores. The tread is low profile and that minimizes the amount of goat poo that gets stuck to the bottom. :) They are covered in mud from a rainy day last week. Yes, they are nasty, old, and crusty but they have served me well and I imagine they will continue to do so.

The first working prototype of the Wokova sandal still in use.

If you look closely, you can see holes in the edges of the sole. I punched those to experiment with an over the toe sandal design.

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