How to adjust your Wokova Feather straps

The strapping system on our Wokova Feather model is designed so that you can adjust it to how you like it once. From then on, you can slip them on and off without adjustment. The elastic loop gives just enough stretch that you can get the sandals on and off but allows a secure fit.

Adjusting the straps is easy once you understand how the buckle works. I threw together a little tutorial video to demonstrate. See below.

Step 1. Take the sandals off.

Step 2. Pull on the lower layer of webbing just after the buckle where it goes through the elastic loop.

Step 3. Pull on the end of the webbing to tighten excess webbing.

If you want to loosen the straps then do the opposite of the above straps.

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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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