New Soles!

Our new soles have finally arrived! All orders from this point forward will be shipped with our new soles.

Tread for 6 and 8mm soles

Tread for 6 and 8mm soles

There are a few changes that will come with the new soles. The model that is being affected most is the Wokova Feather sandals. They are now available to purchase with a 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm sole. The 6 and 8mm soles look just like the picture above. A 4mm sole is too thin for such aggressive tread so it looks more like our old 6mm Sport Utility.

4mm tread for the Wokova Feather model

4mm tread for the Wokova Feather model

The other major change is that we are discontinuing the 10mm sole option. We do have a very limited amount of brown 10mm sole material left that we can use for custom requests. Thicker soles can be achieved by ordering an 8mm sole with the cork footbed (just over 3mm thick) for an overall thickness of just over 11mm.

Some of you may be wondering why we have made this change. The answer is simple… Purchasing Vibram rubber through middle man suppliers was expensive and unpredictable. Vibram has bigger fish to fry than Unshoes and they didn’t want to work directly with us. We found a company that competes directly with Vibram and has very similar products. We have been testing their products and have been in communication with them for several months now. To be honest, another reason is that it there are so many other huarache start-ups these days and they mostly use the same soles. There was nothing unique about our Vibram soles that set us apart from others.

The new sole compound we have chosen is very similar to what we had before. The wear seems to be the same but there are some impressive differences. 1. The compound is even lighter. I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference but I love the light feeling they offer! 2. While they are still flexible, the soles snap back into their shape better making them less floppy and should reduce the risk of catching the front of the sandal which is a major problem with minimalist sandals. 3. The tread is multi-directional which makes the traction the same from all angles. The zig-zag tread of the old Neflex was cool but the grip was different at different angles. This was especially frustrating on trails.

If we kept the old soles we would have had to increase the price of the sandals. We knew we would be able to find a manufacturer to work directly with and prevent that. We would have liked to find a U.S. manufacturer but we were not able to. The rubber is actually made in Germany. I have been impressed with German products and these soles are no exception.

Order your new pair here!

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7 Responses to New Soles!

  1. Ruth says:

    German stuff tends to stand up pretty well. Are the soles black or brown? It’s not immediately clear from the photos. Thanks!

  2. Joseph Huang says:

    What’s the durability of the new soles like?

    • unshoes says:

      It is the same as the Vibram Newflex. In general, lighter soles are less durable but this seems to be a really good compromise. We used to offer a denser rubber that is extremely durable but it is heavy and also very floppy.

  3. Listed weights for each new footbed?

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