Join our Ambassador program!

We are just rolling out with an ambassadorship program here at Unshoes! We would like to introduce you our first official Ambassador, Arianne (or Ari) Brown.

This is Ari after running 14 miles across frozen Utah Lake.

This is Ari after running 14 miles across frozen Utah Lake.

Ari is not only one of the best and most humble runners I’ve met, she is an active member of the community, a mother of 6 children, talented writer, and an overall awesome person! She has been dominating local marathons for years. She started trail running and has recently started running ultras as well.

We will be looking for more ambassadors so we invite you to check out our program.

Do you love your Unshoes?

Are you active in some kind of outdoor/heath sport or practice?

Do you have an audience? (social media, blog, events, etc., etc.)

Do you want free sandals and pro deals with us and our partners?

If so then we invite you to contact us for more information on our program by shooting us an email at Make sure to put something about the ambassador program in the subject line. We’ll send you an email with some more questions to get to know you better.

In case you are wondering, here are a few questions we anticipate from people so read below for a short FAQ.

1. Do I have to be a runner? 
NO!!! In fact, we will be looking for a variety of people who participate in other activities that may be related to sandals, outdoors, or health/wellness. A few examples may be river guides, serious backpacker, or yoga instructor.

2. If I am a runner, do I have to run fast?
No, we will be looking for good runners but that doesn’t always mean fast. Some attributes that we will look for are runners that are active in the community and social media, have an overall good attitude, and show a sense of balance in life.

3. Can I apply even if I don’t own a pair of Unshoes?
No, as an ambassador you will be representing our company and our products. To keep it real, we want real customers to represent us.

4. What if the sport I participate in doesn’t have organized events such as races where I can promote the sandals?
You can go ahead and contact us anyway. We’ll take a look at what you do and what your sport entails. If we feel the need to make an exception then we will.

5. Do we need to use social media as an ambassador?
Yes. One of the requirements is to regularly post content about Unshoes on social media.

6. I just want a free handout, can I ask to be an ambassador?
Uh, no, we are the wrong organization for that! You’ll have to look elsewhere.

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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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5 Responses to Join our Ambassador program!

  1. Would be honored to be an ambassador!

  2. I am a believer!! I bought the wokova feathers last summer and wore them and talked about them constantly. I am a yoga instructor for a business in Tulsa Oklahoma that also offers massage and jiu jitsu. I blog for their website, and just happened to blog about these shoes already, out of sheer love of the product!

  3. Just found out about your company. I am very interested in an ambassador ship bevause i am still looking for good minimalistic sandals for my races on street but also for trails later on.

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