30% off Unshoes

Every now and again we get emails asking if we are going to offer any sales or promotions in the near future. Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. We rarely offer sales/promotions. Our product is made in the USA and isn’t cheap to produce. Our philosophy is that we would prefer to offer our sandals as low as we can all the time.

However, every year before the holidays we like to put our sandals on sale. It is nice to get a good deal every now and then! What we don’t like is the hard marketing push towards consumerism that we get used to this time of year. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whatever other clever names they are coming up with are just not our cup of tea. In my opinion, the concept of giving away a product at a good price but only for a couple of hours to rush people into purchases just isn’t wholesome. It might be good for sales (for products that are normally marked up very high normally) in the short term but it really just sends the message that the products are cheap and contributes to commercializing important holidays.

Our sale started this morning and will run through the weekend. We don’t want to rush you but it is rare that you’ll see this kind of discount on our sandals. Order your Unshoes here.

Annual Unshoes Holiday Sale going on now!

Annual Unshoes Holiday Sale going on now!

About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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