Introducing The Keota Sandal!

Our newest model, the Keota, is the perfect balance between a flip flop and the traditional huarache design.

Our newest model, the Keota, is the perfect balance between a flip flop and the traditional huarache design.

When minimal sandals first hit the main stream market as “huaraches”, they were basically a leather or rubber sole with long laces that needed to be laced up, wrapped around the foot and tied every time they are put on. One of the driving forces behind the start of Unshoes was a desire to simplify the process and make a sandal that was easier to adjust and get on and off. Since then, a wide variety of minimal sandal designs have come out that are much easier than the original huarache design.

Even though Unshoes are easier to put on and take off, people still want something easier. Many people have asked us to make a custom flip flop and we have tried a couple of times. However, we decided that we wouldn’t make a minimal flip flop (or slipper, or thong, depending on where you live). You can read our blog post here about the problems with flip flops. If a sandal isn’t secure to the foot, it will cause problems.

With that in mind, we would like to introduce the Keota Sandal (patent pending) It features a high strength elastic loop just like our Feather model, but is in a different location. The toe strap goes straight up the foot from between the toes and connects to the elastic loop. The main strap also connects to the loop, runs around the ankle and back to the other side of the loop. The result is a sandal that fits snugly, is secure, and is easy to get on and off. Just like the Feather sandal, once you get the tension set, you can leave it as is and slip the sandals on and off without adjustment.

Keota outdoor sport sandal

Although the Keota makes the perfect casual sandal, it is extremely versatile and has been tested running, hiking, parkour, and farm chores! :)

The Story behind the Keota

About three months ago we implemented something we call “Experiment Friday” The idea was that during the afternoon on Fridays we would stop regular production and everyone is free to work on whatever footwear or production related project they want. The idea was that each person can work individually on some idea they had. However, it quickly became a big collaboration on one or two ideas each week. Experiment Friday is something to look forward to each week, it breaks up the monotony of producing footwear and it fuels innovation. So far, it has been a great change!

During one of our Experiment Fridays we started discussing kids sandals, flip flops, and some other non-minimal sandal designs that we’ve seen on the market. At one point during the day, William mentioned an idea he had for kids sandals. Later on, Jonathan told Shaelyn (production manager) another idea that he had for straps. Shaelyn decided to combine the two ideas and put together a prototype. The result was the first version of the Keota. However, as it turns out. Shaelyn completely misunderstood Jon’s idea. So the Keota is based on a misunderstanding of two ideas combined. It’s brilliant!

On a more personal note, this is the perfect time for me to brag about the Unshoes team. We currently have an seemingly random mix of strong personalities. Somehow all our personalities combine in a great balance and things get done in a way they never have before. All our employees are hard working, reliable, motivated, innovative, and just plain awesome! I’m extremely grateful for each one of them and their individual contributions.

Keota minimal sport sandal for casual and outdoor wear

The elastic loop creates a snug fit but also allows for micro adjustments in the straps as your feet move. This means that your feet get to move more naturally with less impediment from the sandals.

The Good News!

If you’re still reading this then your perserverence may just pay off! To celebrate our new addition, we’ve decided to drop the listed price for the Keota for the first 50 customers. There is no need for a coupon code. Just go to our website and place your order. The first 50 customers will get 40% off which makes the sandals only $33.00! We like to price our products as low as possible considering they are hand made in the USA. We rarely offer discounts and when we do they are rarely this big. This one is a doosey!

While the Keota looks great on women, like our other models, it is a unisex design that works well for men.

While the Keota looks great on women, it is a unisex design that works well for men.

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3 Responses to Introducing The Keota Sandal!

  1. Thank You says:

    Very nice design, will get some as gifts. You guys are the only minimal shoe company that offers a wide variety of sizes. Specially widths; as one that has very wide feet, really appreciate this. And at reasonable prices. Keep up the good work.

    Thank You

  2. Maybe I can convince my wife to try these instead of wearing flip flops.

  3. Done! I don’t care if winter is coming!

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