Free Movement Game Download!

One day I was out doing farm chores (yes, I said farm chores. I live on a small homestead and we attempt to raise as much of our own food as possible) and listening to the Nutritious Movement podcast by Katy Bowman. You all follow her right? If not, you need to! Check out the podcast here. The topic of the day was about finding ways to get more movement during the winter months. One of the things that was mentioned was a yoga memory game. I didn’t think much of it but later in the year as I was gathering Christmas presents, the idea came back to me. I like to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible and I suddenly remembered how much my wife likes games. So I decided to make my own memory game and include yoga, but I would also include some other natural movements in there as well. The idea is that as you get a match then the game pauses, everyone gets up and does that movement. Some of them require you to go away from the game (ie. Go find something to hang on!).squat

There are other variations to the game as well depending on how much you want to move. You can have everyone do the movements every single time a card is turned over if you have time and want to move more. It will likely help you remember where the card is if you have a physical action associated with it. Or you can just do the movement when a match is made. We played this with our nephews on New Years and it was a hoot! Even the small ones joined in and did their own little variations of the movements. In some cases they did it better than the rest of us!

We decided that it would be a fun thing to give away to encourage all of you to get more movement while you’re stuck inside on a snow day or cold evenings with the family. I have set the cards up in an 8.5X11″ page layout that you can download and print. I suggest that you laminate them (or cover in packaging tape) otherwise they’ll get destroyed rather quickly. For international readers, 8.5X11 is our standard page size here in the States. You should still be able to print this on A4 paper since A4 is just slightly larger. There are crop marks included that will guide you while cutting them out. The best way to do it is with a metal ruler and razor knife. Just be careful! Download the game here.

We hope that you enjoy the game! :)


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