Exclusive Items only on Etsy

When Unshoes started, it was only going to be a side gig for me. I was unemployed and I honestly didn’t think anyone would buy my sandals but my wife (as usual) was right in urging me to set up a shop on Etsy. Etsy was instrumental in allowing this crazy venture to grow into a business. It really was the perfect platform for us to get started. Eventually, we said goodbye to Etsy and started selling on our own website. At that time, Etsy was limited and we had “outgrown” it.

Years later, Etsy has continued to grow and has solutions for the small seller like we were and more established businesses. After a long hiatus from Etsy, we’ve decided to start using it again. All our regular sandals can be found on our Etsy shop. Additionally, we’ve also decided to use Etsy much like we did the first time. It is going to be a tool to introduce some of our new products. The reason for this is because it is common for items on Etsy to be made to order and the number of orders placed can be easily controlled. We have a few items that we will be introducing to our line in the future but we are not ready for mass production. They will be made, by hand, after they are ordered.

The first item that we will introduce on Etsy is a men’s loafer shoe.Men's moccasin inspired loafer by Unshoes It is a very basic design and is a mix between a primitive moccasin and a classic loafer. They are made with genuine pigskin leather. These are what I have been wearing all winter and I love them. They are extremely minimal but keep my feet dry and warm. I find that regular old socks work just fine unless it is extra cold. Then a good pair of wool socks do the trick. Right now, they are only available in this bluish/greenish color that was listed as “pearl”. After we sell a few then we’ll be able to add a different color. They will mostly likely be black or brown in the future. Again, my original intention was not to sell these but just to have a pair of my own. However, they have worked out so well that I wanted to share. We also feel that Unshoes needs more winter friendly options that give the foot freedom to move!

I am currently experimenting with a very basic women’s shoe as well. They are not ready to publish but keep an eye out for them.

Next on the list is our Children’s Keota sandals. Unshoes minimal sandals for childrenMany of you have been waiting for us to bring back our kids sandals. You can read more about why we decided to stop making kids sandals here. In short, kids sizes were draining our resources and they really were not functioning as well as they needed to. We are happy to say that after we introduced the Keota sandals, we realized that that particular (I’m supposed to ad the words, “patent pending” here) design was perfect for children. They can get them on and off more easily and they are much more simple to make. We are very close to being ready to produce kids sandals on a larger scale but until then we are going to offer them on Etsy as an introduction. As far as business goes, it just doesn’t make sense to fully launch until closer to spring. However, we know there are some of you out there who can use them now. With Etsy, we can make a few pairs, get a little funding, and be ready to launch before spring. Check out kids sandals here!

I can’t post a picture of the next thing but we are working on a kids sandal that is totally different. It will not have a strap between the toes. As of now, it is expensive to produce and still has some design issues that need to be worked out. My daughter is very excited for her pink prototype sandals. Hopefully we’ll get some warmer weather so she can wear them a little bit! These will not be available right away but will probably be up on Etsy by summer.

Lastly, there is a chance that we will offer some kind of simple moccasin style shoe for children. However, by the time we get the design worked out it will probably be much too late for this winter so it is something we would introduce next fall.

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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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6 Responses to Exclusive Items only on Etsy

  1. unshoes says:

    Also, we hope to fully release them on our website by November of this year.

  2. Jason says:

    Any idea when the loafers will be available in the Etsy store?

    • unshoes says:

      Jason, I just updated it so there is a pair available now! We are still modifying the design a little bit so if you order through Etsy, be aware that it is a pre-production model and may not be the same when we release the full version.

  3. Mel B. says:

    How small would your children’s sandals run? I’m due next month with my first child and will want his first shoes to be minimal, so beyond the cute baby moccasin trend, I’m hoping for some Unshoes for him by toddlerhood. My Wakova Feathers are my favorite everyday footwear, and I’d love to keep supporting your company through a children’s line!

  4. Greg says:

    Thanks for the detail, history, and a look into what you’re thinking about for the future. We’ve been having the elves in Oregon shoe our kids up to this point, and it’d be helpful to have some more options for different seasons. Momma and I would like a minimal way to keep our feet dry and nimble in winter, in black or brown.

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