Children’s Sandals Now Available!

childrens-2After a brief hiatus, we have redesigned the children’s sandals and have reintroduced them into our line! We are very excited to offer kids sandals again! They can be ordered on our website

The two main problems we had with making kids sandals in the past is 1. They were very difficult to make and we didn’t want to sell them at prices higher than adult sandals. In the end, we lost a substantial amount of money on each pair. 2. They were difficult to get on and off which means that parents would have to help their kids every single time. This was fine for small children but you don’t want to keep it up. We’re parents, we know how it goes. Personally, this has been my favorite part of the new design. My 3 year old can put her sandals on by herself and I don’t have to worry about it every single time we leave the house!

In order for us to be able to offer kids sandals we had to cut out some of the custom options. This means that all of the sandals come in the 5mm sole and in standard sizing. The good news, is that it is less to worry about. We have included the sole shape templates and size charts to help parents find the right fit.

Another feature is a very slight upward bend in the sole. I’ve noticed with my children that until they get to a certain age, they are more likely to trip on the end of a minimalist sandal unless it is closed toe. This wasn’t a problem when I made them sandals with 100% foam soles. However, the foam soles have very poor traction, which was a problem as we were hiking and walking on dirt paths, and very low durability. They simply wore through them quickly. We met in the middle with a foam footbed and rubber outsole with a very slight bend. The sandals are so thin and flexible that the bend (or toe spring) doesn’t alter the natural movement of their feet  or gait in any way, it simply lifts off the ground with their toes as they walk.childrens-1.jpg

The kids sandals are available in European sizes. When it comes it kids, EU sizes make much more sense then our crazy US system! They start at EU 22 and go up to EU 35. After that, our smaller adult sizes are available for any youth that need a larger size. Visit our website to learn more.

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