Winter Product Sneak Peek!

Disclaimer: The images and models described in this post are prototypes. Exact details may change for final products.

If you’ve followed us on social media at all you might have noticed that we’ve published a few teasers about making a warmer option for cooler weather. We’ve kept a pretty tight lid on the details (which is really difficult for us!) but we’re ready to announce what we’re doing and give our followers a sneak peek. I had set a deadline to have them ready to release by last Friday but it just wasn’t working out. I was stressed, frustrated, and annoyed that things were not moving as quickly as I wanted to but after an interesting experience with a group of 3rd graders (which I’ll write about later) I was able to chill out and start enjoying the creative process again.

This process began with a pair of shoes I made for myself several years ago. They were made from our old cork material, some reclaimed wool from an old sport coat, and one of our sandal soles. They looked terrible, and broke down pretty quickly. I was able to modify the pattern and make a pair out of some scrap leather that I bought for a project that didn’t work out. The leather was a weird greenish, bluish color that isn’t attractive at all on shoes! However, I was happy to have something comfortable to wear through the winter. We also sold a few pairs of them on Etsy. Eventually we started working on some cute closed toe shoes for women. This project is still in the mix so I won’t give away any details but they will be a good addition to the market when we work out the details. As we worked on them, I realized that they were not going to be ready for fall which is what I had hoped. While brainstorming shoe ideas, with my wife, we noted that the shoes I had made for myself the prior year were somewhat similar to moccasins. My wife then suggested going even closer to moccasins. It makes sense, our original product is a modern take on an ancient sandal. Moccasins have been put to the test and have survived the years in terms of style and function. They are basically a warmer version of what we were already doing!

Rather than starting with a moccasin pattern, we started with the pattern that I had developed and used design elements from moccasins to bring it together. Right now we’re working on four different styles that we plan to release very soon. We have yet to decide on names so bear with me:

1. Casual Moccasin based on my original shoesUnshoes casual Moccasin for men and women

We are working out a few more details with this but the basic design is set. This will be the first that we release and will probably be available in a limited quantity within days (but we can’t promise anything!)

2. Ballet Flat Moccasin


This model will be available with a variety of accent colors on stitching.

This model is design to be cute, comfortable, and healthy. We used an asymmetrical design to the vamp (top part of a moccasin) to allude to the asymmetrical shape of the Wokova Feather model. Obviously, this isn’t an outdoor winter shoe. It is made for situations where you might want something cute and maybe a little dressy but it’s cool enough that you don’t want sandals. We really liked the look of this one but we realize its design comes with some limitations. This leads us to the next model:

3. Black Suede Moccasin

Suede Unshoes moccasin for casual and active wear

This model will be available with a variety of accent stitching colors. This picture shows the grey stitching.

We used the same pattern but modified the vamp for more coverage and security. This model will feature lacing (or securing system). We have several ideas that are all very similar in concept but have yet to agree on one specific style so we just photographed it without laces altogether. I can tell you that the lacing will be unique and secure. This model is also fairly close and will probably be second on the list to be released. Hopefully, within a week. (again, I can’t promise as we may still run into hiccups.)

4. Boot Design
This design is a little further out so I’m not going to include a photo. However, it’s a pretty rad design. Yes, I still use the word rad! Don’t judge. This isn’t going to be an extreme cold weather or snow boot but it will be warmer and cover more than the moccasins. The model we’re currently working on is not a moccasin but we may end up with a low boot moccasin as well.

We hope to have at least the black sued and brown moccasins out within a week available in limited quantities but again, things happen and we can’t make any promises. Also, we are still deliberating on names although we have some promising ideas. If you have a suggestion let us know in the comments below! As always, these new offers will be made by us right here in our small facility in Cedar City, UT.

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2 Responses to Winter Product Sneak Peek!

  1. Lu Gray says:

    Yes please – I’ll be ordering a pair of the black suede moccasins for sure, to me they look good!

    I’ve been meaning to contact you to thank you for my Keotas, wearing them has made my life so very much better. I no longer get really tired like I used to from wearing horrible ‘normal’ shoes nor do I get backaches anymore. Every day when I put them on I think of how lucky I am to have found them. I also have a pair of PT Sleeks which I also really llike but I just haven’t worn them because I am so happy with the Keotas, so the PTs are my spare backup pair ((;

    Thank you so very very much.
    Lu Gray

  2. missinalee says:

    An excellent addition to your company line up! I used to have a pair of moccasins I loved, but after switching to “minimal/barefoot” I just can’t deal with how narrow they are anymore. I will be so so happy to replace them with a pair of these! My feet will also thank you for making shoes out of natural materials rather than synthetic. They look really good. Can’t wait to see the final spin on them. :)

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