#LoveYourFeet (Giveaway)

Win a pair of Unshoes moccasins by telling the world why you love your feet!

A couple years ago, Unshoes was featured in an online article of a local news network. The author warned me that there are always negative (sometimes hateful) comments on this particular site so she advised me to either not read the comments or at least make sure that I don’t take them personally. Of course I read the comments. I wanted to make sure there were not any legitimate questions or concerns that I could address. She was right, there were negative and hateful comments. However, the majority of them were not directed at me or Unshoes as a company/product. They were mostly directed at feet in general! This isn’t the first (or last) time that I have heard degrading comments about feet. Every time we try to target a new audience with a Facebook ad we get the same thing.

“Eww, feet are gross!”
“Why would I ever want to show my feet?”
“Nobody should ever, EVER, see your feet!”
“I’d love to wear your sandals but trust me, nobody wants to see my feet.”

Or there are always those who think that their feet are more of a burden to their lives than anything else and that they are permanately broken. Of course, there are situations where people have deformities or serious injuries but most of the phrases below come from as a result of lifestyle. Many people just don’t realize it.

“I have to wear at least a little bit of a heel lift”
“I have (fill in the blank) so I have to have arch support”
“My feet are way too sensitive to ever go barefoot!”

The phrases are all different but the underlying message is the same. As a culture, we don’t value our feet.

The message we want you to take away is different. We want you too look down at your feet and feel love and gratitude that you have such an amazing body! The feet are the very foundation of our bodies! They allow us to move and to be mobile! They give us balance, speed, power, and they connect us with the ground. Why are we so afraid of them?
unshoes tan line

I’m guessing that most of you value your feet more than the average Joe (no offense if you’re name is Joe). That’s why we’re going to ask you all to help us spread the love. Post a picture or video of your foot on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag them with #LoveYourFeet and #Unshoes and explain to the world why you love your feet. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Every foot has a story. Your feet have been in a lot of places and done many interesting things. Tell us those stories! What? You’re feet aren’t perfect? Nobody has perfect feet so stop worrying about it and find a reason to love the!

Next week on Wednesday we’ll pick a post that we feel spreads the love and give that person a free pair of moccasin inspired shoes!


About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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