(Movement) Lifestyle Design

Running a business has taught me a lot of lessons. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of organization and systems. I still struggle with it! It requires that you find a problem, dig deep enough to find the root of the problem, and set up a system that prevents the problem in the first place. The difficult thing for me is to have the discipline to keep a good routine!  I’m a right brained creative that would rather dream about the next big idea I have than make sure my mail is sorted! However, a month later when I get a warning from the IRS and I have to go back and sort through months of mail to find the missing letter, it takes hours and sucks my attention and energy. If I had just created a system instead of dropping boring mail in a pile on my desk I wouldn’t be getting reminders from the IRS!

I love it when I visit someone in their home or office and find that they have a beautifully organized system, and life. It inspires me to go back home and make changes for the better. We as humans are hard wired to organize, categorize, and simplify our lives. I believe it is a Godly attribute. However, sometimes we get carried away with it.

We like to categorize our lives. The fact that we even have phrases like “work life” and “family life” prove this. You don’t have multiple lives! It is just YOUR life! Many people categorize movement by taking a tiny bit of time out of the day for movement. This is better than not moving, but humans are designed to be in motion. We need regular movement throughout the day.

I’m guessing that you’ve heard the phrase “lifestyle design”. Some people think that it’s all about living a lavish life of luxury in Costa Rica. However, it’s more about getting out of the victim mentality and creating the life that you want. What if you could move freely in your work life, home life, etc.? It’s a concept that I’m working on improving in my own life one step at a time.

Our mission at Unshoes is to allow your feet to move naturally so that you can live with the freedom to move. We want you to be able to design a movement based lifestyle without having to bring along so many different types of shoes. The fact is that most people have different shoes for every different activity in their lives. We realize that you need to have equipment that is appropriate for the activity but we design our products so that they are versatile and can be used in a variety of different activities. Our goal is to make footwear that moves with you no matter where you are or what category of your life you happen to be in. We are working on a few projects that revolve around this very concept and are EXTREMELY excited to introduce you to them! One of which is coming up very soon and the others will be announced in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned…

—Terral Fox



About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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