How Unshoes Can Save You Money on Your Next Trip

If you’re like me, February and March can be difficult months to get through. I’m ready for spring, I’m done with winter, but alas, spring is usually not quite ready to come out and greet me. This is the time of year that we all start to dream of sand and palm trees! Although, now days, many people have quit dreaming about travel and have made it a reality! With digital communication to keep you connected to work and family, online travel companies, endless information to research on your destination, budget flights, etc., traveling is easier than it ever has been! For better or worse, the internet has made the world a smaller place.

Something that we’ve come to realize is that the minimal nature of Unshoes, makes them the perfect shoe for traveling!

Many airlines are picking up on this and are innovating to make travel a little easier for people by lowering airfare, and then charging only for what baggage you bring with you. That way you don’t pay as much if you can pack light. This is where Unshoes can save you money! First of all, even our closed toe shoes are extremely light weight. The weight overall weight depends on the model and shoe size, but they all weight well under a pound per pair. This saves you money and it’s really nice when you do a lot of walking at your destination to have a good lightweight pair of shoes or sandals.

In addition to being light, they pack mostly flat and take up almost no room in a suitcase! Our sandals especially take up very little room. One business traveler reports that he doesn’t even pack his Unshoes inside his bag, but in a sleeve on the outside! As we reached out to customers and our brand Ambassadors who travel, the small amount of room Unshoes require was the one thing everyone agreed on and loved!
If you really want to pack light, you can just bring one single pair of shoes. A few of our Ambassadors mentioned that when they travel, they only wear Unshoes. Our sandals can be used for adventures, then cleaned off and dried and dressed up for occasions where you want a little more class. Sure, they aren’t formal, but our sandals can be sporty or dressed up just a little bit with the right outfit. If you are traveling for a more formal event, we at least have the ladies covered with our Wildflower series shoes.

Another relatively new thing to deal with when traveling is security checks. I nearly missed a flight because I underestimated how long it would take to wait in the line for security at our small local airport. Luckily, while other people were having to sit on benches and tie/untie shoes, I was able to slip off my sandals with one hand while standing up. They bumped me ahead a little bit because I was ready when others in front of me were still working to get their shoes off! On my way home, they didn’t even make me take them off because they were so minimal. Some of our models like the Terra Vida, Forager, or Keota are designed to get on and off easily. (I must say the Terra Vida wins in this regard! They are on and off so easy but they stay on my feet!)

As if getting onto a flight isn’t stressful enough, it’s often difficult to relax during a flight. Some people are just fine with it, others might have anxiety. Others might just feel cramped or awkward. I’m a long legged fellow and I rarely have enough room for my legs and big feet. The last thing I need is bulky shoes that just make it worse. You may inevitably be uncomfortable, but at least your feet can travel in comfort!

You might be hanging out on the beach at Hawaii, walking the streets of Amsterdam, or attending a trade show in Las Vegas. Regardless of where you’re going or why, save yourself some time, money, and travel in comfort with Unshoes!IMG_20190223_100829

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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.
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