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Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.

How Unshoes Can Save You Money on Your Next Trip

If you’re like me, February and March can be difficult months to get through. I’m ready for spring, I’m done with winter, but alas, spring is usually not quite ready to come out and greet me. This is the time … Continue reading

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Minimalist footwear and concrete surfaces: are they really meant to coexist?

…neither concrete nor minimal footwear are to blame because both have been around for a very long time, and actually coexisted peacefully for many years. And just like any long lost friendship, it is important to ease back into it gradually. Continue reading

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(Movement) Lifestyle Design

Running a business has taught me a lot of lessons. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of organization and systems. I still struggle with it! It requires that you find a problem, dig deep enough to … Continue reading

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Less Shoe, But More Than Just Shoes

Several years ago, I was pouring over the numbers that show our website traffic. I’m not a numbers guy, but I still find it very fascinating and informative to see where our website visitors are coming from. I happened to … Continue reading

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One Thing You Need to Know if You’ve Transitioned to Minimal Footwear

One day I was walking down our stairs and  felt a strange pain in the top of my foot that I hadn’t ever felt before. Being the owner of a minimal footwear company and someone who has been wearing said … Continue reading

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Enough Cowbell, More Barefoot!

As the owner of a footwear company, I feel like I have to “showcase” my product everywhere I go. To take off my sandals and hike barefoot again was very therapeutic! Continue reading

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4 Things You can Learn From Your Footprints

Life is about learning. Everything we do has some kind of consequence. We can look at those consequences and then adjust our future actions to better match the consequences that we desire. Looking backwards at the path we have taken … Continue reading

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Finding Balance in Business

We all have to find balance in our lives and business is no exception. In our struggle to find balance, we’ve decided to standardize our sizing system. Continue reading

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5 Common Walking Mistakes to Watch out For

Walking is one of the things that we learn at a very early age. It becomes so natural and engrained that we stop thinking about it. It is almost like breathing. It just happens. Despite this, most people walk wrong. … Continue reading

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Call For Entries!

Are you a loyal customer of Unshoes? Do you tend to tell people about your sandals everywhere you go? If so, then you may be a good candidate for our brand ambassador program. In short, you agree to do a few … Continue reading

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