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About unshoes

Creator and designer of Unshoes minimal footwear.

#LoveYourFeet (Giveaway)

A couple years ago, Unshoes was featured in an online article of a local news network. The author warned me that there are always negative (sometimes hateful) comments on this particular site so she advised me┬áto either not read the … Continue reading

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BBF (Better than Black Friday) Sale!

It’s that time of year where you are either excited for all the black Friday hype or if you’re more like me, you cringe at it. At Unshoes, we’ve offered our sandals on sale every year for the holidays because … Continue reading

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Winter Product Sneak Peek!

Disclaimer: The images and models described in this post are prototypes. Exact details may change for final products. If you’ve followed us on social media at all you might have noticed that we’ve published a few teasers about making a … Continue reading

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The Last Hurrah

Love it or hate it, fall is just around the corner! I’m seeing memes about pumpkin spice, boots, and hoodies. If you’re like me, you’re getting ready for one last summer hurrah before it gets too cold. I’m headed to … Continue reading

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Pah Tempe, Mo Bettah

Our best selling Pah Tempe is getting some serious upgrades. We’re celebrating by putting them on sale! Continue reading

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The Coyote vs. The Competitor

Hidden below the harsh desert in Southern Utah is an oasis of beauty called Coyote Gulch. This is a good place for sport sandals but make sure you take the right kind! Continue reading

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Children’s Sandals Now Available!

After a brief hiatus, we have redesigned the children’s sandals and have reintroduced them into our line! We are very excited to offer kids sandals again! They can be ordered on our website The two main problems we had with … Continue reading

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Ambassadors Wanted

  Dear friends, We are currently accepting applications for ambassadors for the year 2016. Ambassadors are representatives of our product, philosophy, and values. In short, ambassadors are asked to post relevant content on social media, attend any relevant events (such … Continue reading

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Exclusive Items only on Etsy

When Unshoes started, it was only going to be a side gig for me. I was unemployed and I honestly didn’t think anyone would buy my sandals but my wife (as usual) was right in urging me to set up … Continue reading

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Free Movement Game Download!

One day I was out doing farm chores (yes, I said farm chores. I live on a small homestead and we attempt to raise as much of our own food as possible) and listening to the Nutritious Movement podcast by … Continue reading

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